Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day to my beloved husband, Perze Ababa.  One of the best investments I made when choosing my husband was seeing him rise as a loving, God-fearing, integrity living dad.  I had a glimpse years ago that he would make an incredible dad, but it’s different when that love is put into action, esp. the moments that really define his sacrifice for his children and for me.

We’re so blessed. We love you, mahal!

This year, for the Father’s Day celebration service in SJBCI, I dressed my girls in their dad’s ties, and Perze being the special honoree- wearing a yellow polkadot bowtie.  All the ties and bow are the same brand, actually my absolute favorite men’s brand that have really awesome retro/vintage patterns that goes way back to my dad’s old clothes as well.  I think I’m going to make this a fashion tradition every Father’s Day :), having the children wear Perze’s ties/bowties.  A lot of the church members thought it was a cute idea, even makes a great statement in the pictures, resounding Pastor Ding’s sentiment that Fathers should live lives worthy for their children to imitate, making them proud to hear the statement, “you are just like your dad.”

Father’s Day in SJBCI was so joyful this year, esp. with all the young people going around with treats to fundraise, as part of an activity for the Baptist Men.  So we had the Filipino Breakfast this morning, lots of music and special number, a slideshow, prayer over the fathers, and during Agape, people were going around selling candy, pop drinks, ice pops, chips, potted flowers, etc.

Happy Father’s day to my dad, Toribio Gelito Fabila. Who can’t be here with us today, but someone who continues to tread importantly in all our lives as a beacon of experience, a pillar of love, and whose influence is written all over all his children and grandchildren. We love you, Pa. Thank you for everything!

Also, happy father’s day to Tatay, who is always such a strong influence on Perze and the rest of their family.  The stories I hear about him are endless, and knowing all the things Tatay does are admirable.  He has definitely passed the baton of integrity to his children, and it shows now through Perze as a dad himself.  Thank you Tay.

To all the dads out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.  Thank you for shaping the next generation.  God bless you on such a weighty responsibility.

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