3 year olds and numbers

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From BabyCenter

Easy as 1-2-3

Kids under 3 may be able to rattle off a few numbers, but they don’t necessarily have a sense of what those words mean. Now your child is getting the idea of counting in sequence and may even be starting to understand that these numbers correspond to a quantity. This is a giant cognitive leap! You can reinforce beginning math in many everyday ways (no flash cards necessary). 


This is totally Zienne these days.  She wanted me to download an app on the iPad that will allow her to count items, or even add simple small numbers.  She even asks me to go through math workbooks with her that involves counting.  When she wants something, she’ll ask for a specific number and hold up her little fingers.  If she asks how many bites she has left in her meal, she’ll say, “how about 3 more bites?”  and then hold up 3 fingers.  Also, I’ve noticed that she’s trying to be more conscious of time.  She’ll ask her dad, “can you come back in 5 minutes?” or “give me 2 minutes.  I have to pee pee.”  

She’s not just counting out of memorization, but like BabyCenter mentioned, it is a giant cognitive leap because she is now using what she’s memorized. 🙂

Sometimes I think she’s the one initiating further steps for her education because she’s so interested, so this summer, hopefully, I’ll be able to have time to see what she can do…

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