Day 1: Skin Therapy

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So today is the start of Zienne’s specific drawn out skin therapy sessions at home.  We took her to the determatologist that successfully treated Emma years ago.  Every day, we are to:

  • give Zi a bleach bath for 10 mins
  • apply medicated lotion after the bath
  • apply aquaphor lotion 10 mins after the bath
  • apply medicated lotion once more during the day
  • apply moisturizer lotion during the day
  • take antibiotics twice a day
  • take antihistamine once a day

Then of course, she’s recommended only to wear certain types of fabrics and we’re still to wash everything in dreft that touches her skin.  Also we’re to have the air conditioner on every day so she doesn’t heat up.  Additionally, we should have a humidifier in the room.  

Lastly, we still have to schedule an appointment with the allergy doctor to see if she has any specific allergies.  

There you have it. 

Today is day one.  We’ll let you know in a week if there’s any progress and by July 2, we have another appointment with the doctor.  Above all, we cover her in prayers, as we’ve done with Emma. It’s a tedious process, but one I hope she will outgrow.  It’s always heartbreaking when your child is affected by anything…but I am thankful that despite multiple bouts of excessive scratching, she is an incredibly happy, sassy, fun loving, garralous big girl who continues to overcome and amaze everyone around her. Thank you Lord :).

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