my big brother is engaged!

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After a while now, and my brother’s long hiatus in the Phils. trying out to be a farmer and activist in an Anti-Mining group in the Phils., he’s now engaged to LJ, also native born of Romblon.  They have so much in common, having met online because they had similar interests and knew similar people. 

We’ve met LJ only once, and “supposedly”, we learned that we may have been classmates in Kindergarten, although we can’t really prove it, but we did have the same teacher, who was my Ninang.  She’s an extremely sweet soul and I can’t wait to know her more as my sister-in-law. I praise God for sending my brother someone who will love him, as it has been in my prayers for many years now. 

Congrats you guys!  We’ll continue to pray for your wedding and marriage.  Please take care and protect each other.

We love you.

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