Happy Birthday Mr.37

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Last year, although not too many people knew, he’s been so busy…taking courses, working, writing testing articles, being interviewed for online magazine articles on testing, working on the website for his martial arts school and taking classes there, continuing with his ministries in SJBCI, and of course, being an involved and loving dad to his two beautiful daughters.  He’s had a lot on his plate…

No pun intended, but recently, he also had challenges with his health as his doctor advised him to lose weight and diet.  To top it off, he was admitted two weeks ago to the ER for an urgent surgery to remove his gallbladder.  This, along with the previous health concerns really changed him in such a short time, changing so much of his diet, eating habits, and exercise.  For a whole week, he was forced to rest from all his commitments, even having had to miss Easter Sonrise Service and concert, and taking care of the girls and his pregnant wife :).  

Through such prayer this past month, I too have grown to appreciate more God creation in Perze.  I’ve also grown (even though my regard for him so already so high) to admire his resolve for change.  In the 2 short weeks, he’s managed to stick to his diet and exercise and even lost 11 lbs. and counting.  I’m really really thankful for this 37th year that God is changing and blessing him with. Truly, God has blessed me with such a great man. I tell his daughters everyday how lucky they are to have such a loving dad who sees the best in them, who gives them so much, and shows such affection for them.  I hope one day, they will fully understand that like I do. 

We love you, Mahal. 

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