April Peacemaker. 1st Grade.

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She came out of her bus today with a huge smile and a jump to her step. Guess who is “Peacemaker” for the month of April, voted by her peers! Priase the Lord!  She worked hard both years, trying to manuever her way into being a Peacemaker each year, trying to do her work, behave well, get along with others, and practice exemplary citizenship behavior towards her teacher and her peers.

We’re so proud of her.  This time, her teacher asked her class to vote for this month’s Peacemaker award, and her peers voted for her, knowing it’s not about popularity, but because if they see what I see, they know Emma to be an exceptionally caring, cooperative, and hard working person.

This year, she doesn’t get a medal like she did in Kindergarten, but she’ll be present for their Peacemaker breakfast receive the award. 

Go, anak, go!

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