week 20

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the size of a banana:

It’s really difficult to even imagine a baby the size of a banana inside my stomach, but each day it seems my midsection is getting bigger and bigger. I’m on the halfway mark and it doesn’t get any prettier from here on out.  Believe me, I know. 

Some people have been mentioning how I’m “glowing”, which means I’m having a girl.  They always say, “I’m sorry, I wish it was a boy, but you’re glowing.”  But then I hear them say my other pregnant friend is also “glowing” although she’s definitely having a boy.  I don’t know how that works, but nevertheless, boy or girl, God has the perfect reasoning and equation for our family.  There are reasons why I would want a boy, but God’s got the ultimate stamp of approval. 

I’m on my 2nd trimester, 5th month so far and only gained about 4 lbs. to date.  This is not because I’m dieting or forcing myself not to eat too much, but it is a mix of lack of appetite and when I do get the snackies, I try to limit the unecessary fluff calories that have no nutritional value.  But if I do have an appetite to eat a good meal, I take the opportunity to eat a lot because I know the opportunities come rarely.  Also, these days, Perze is also trying to eat healthier so I end up eating what he’s eating- non fatty foods.  This time around, I don’t even like burgers!  *sigh* It’s hard to explain. 

Lately, I’ve been having cravings for Champagne mangos.  Our friends bought us a box, which I basically finished in less than a week.  This made me somewhat irritable when they were gone, so I went to find some in our local Asian store and came home empty handed and heartbroken.  I went online to plead Facebook world for any whereabouts, but not much luck.  Fortunately, that weekend, one of the women in my church handed me a bag of C.mangos, who didn’t even know I was craving for them!  God is good!  Then a couple days later, another woman in my church handed me another bag of mangos! #reasonswhyilovemychurch  (Thank you Ate Guy and Ate Tess!!!!)

Am I missing something?  I know waiting is a little boring, but I’m sure these blogs will come to some use one day :).  My daughters keep asking me for stories of their toddler years, so it’s good to visit these blogs as a resource when my noggin fails me for memories.  Thanks Twelvesixteen!

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