Happy Easter!!!

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Sincerely, I was touched by the hands that reached out this weekend w/ all the unexpected circumstances.  Nevertheless, I believe all the prayers have lifted our family up with God’s mercy and strength- from Perze’s recovery from surgery, to the girls’ cooperation with a 6am Sonrise Service, to a very blessed Easter Cantata.  It was pretty challenging dealing with all the responsibilities on my own, without Perze, this weekend, while also finding time to prioritize taking care of him, with the added factor that my parents and siblings were coincidentally all out of the state this Easter.  But I believe God had mastered it that way to remind me His strength is sufficient for me.  Despite some hardship and fatigue that I will probably feel much later on, I have found it a joy to serve and worship.  In all of His timing, He has reminded me about the joy of sacrifice…not giving up chocolate or coffee, or Facebook, but comfort, sleep, time, strength, and myself.  This is not to boast, but to boast of God’s own message of power.

This year Easter has definitely reminded me that because of Jesus’ resurrection, I can boldly believe we too have life, and as Christ has overcome sin and death, we too can  overcome life’s obstacles.  

There is a risen Savior, friends. 

SJBCI Choir. Thank you for letting me continue to serve beside you :).  You did such a great job…not just singing, but singing w/ your hearts. I really hope these songs will always find some home in you.  Not only did you wake up 5am to get ready for the Sonrise Service, sing in the concert, you also took time and energy to minister to senior citizens at the SCFacility today and bless their day with songs of hope.  To God be the glory! 

really, sincerest thanks to our friends and family who have prayed for perze and even for me & the kids.  Thank you for so many of you who came to visit Perze at the hospital despite the tiresome early Easter day that started 5am for most of you!  Thank you for those who have helped so much with the tasks of the cantata, esp. those who prepared, were extra hands, extra wheels to drive here and there, singers who stepped up for those who needed healing, the praise team for filling in…It’s just so amazing to see the body move to action when there is a need.  I’m so proud to call you friends.

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