Sesame Tofu. All Skate.

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The Ababas are trying to get healthy, and I might as well join in because even in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I don’t have a huge appetite.  I mean, I feel like I get hungry, but feel sick when I think of certain foods to eat, esp. meals that contain chicken or beef…I actually want to eat fruit or crepes, or even cheese & crackers (which I have every day). 

Ok, going back to what I wanted to archive.  Here’s what I cooked today. 

Sesame Tofu
Recipe Here:

I took a chance getting the girls to eat it, explaining it resembled eggs and chicken.  Surprisingly, they finished their plates and didn’t gag, or complain about hurting tummies, aliens, sporadic sleepiness, tracker jacks… Then the real test was the one I was really cooking it for- no, not Peeta, Perze.  Pleasantly, he really liked it.  So hopefully next time, I’ll master timing the veggies more to maximize their flavor.   

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