1st Grade Spring Pictures

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Emma came home with her Spring pictures for 1st grade.  They always come out nicer than the fall pictures.  The colors are more vibrant and their backgrounds more appealing. 

I didn’t even realize that she had picture day.  Thank goodness that day, she wore a pop of red to contrast nature’s green.  She looks so grown up doesn’t she?  I know she’s not the tallest in her class, but every year as she grows, I’m always staring in amazement with how much older she looks. *sigh*  I’m never ready for that kind of stuff.  Cheers to 1st grade! It’s almost done.

This year, she started on reading level E and progressed quickly to L.  I’m so proud of her, knowing she worked for that.  Reading doesn’t come naturally to her, so I’m so proud of how diligent she was in increasing her skills and not giving up or becoming indifferent to progressing.  She’s so resilient, sensitive, but resilient. 

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