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In behalf of our family, we just wanted to say thanks to everyone who greeted us with congratulatory words and encouraging advice/hopes, esp. those who join with us in prayer for the baby’s well being (and even gender…hah).  I’ve always believed in community, and ever since our first daughter was born, I’ve been so thankful for those who’ve covered us with gracious love and care- extending it to our daughters.  You don’t know how much that means to us because they’ve been raised in love.

We’re so blessed by you guys, our family and friends.

perze, marchesa, emmanuelle grace, zienne noelle, & BABY

“Oh what a world this life would be…”
– sondre lerche 

If you’ve missed our announcement, here’s a rerun :). 

We weren’t able to address all your comments and questions individually, so we’ve compiled them and here’s some answers:

1. Do you know the gender yet? Is it twins, triplets?
We don’t know the gender yet; we will by Mid-April.  And no, not twins, nor triplets. haha

2. Is this why we haven’t seen you?
More likely, YES! Sometimes, I would just feel tired, or sick, and this time around, my food aversions have been so strong that I’m afraid any offset may trigger unwanted resurfacing of previous meals. I didn’t want to be that person in the parties. Our apologies ok?

3. How are you feeling?
i’m feeling ok…2nd trimester is better than the 1st…the 1st tri. i honestly had no appetite…at least now, I feel like eating dinner. I’ve hardly gained any weight yet although I’m definitely getting bigger 🙂 

4. How do the girls feel?
They’re in joyful anticipation.  They were actually the ones who have been praying the most for this baby, even before we found out we were pregnant.  Zi has proudly taken the role of an Ate (big sister) very seriously, telling everyone that she is not Zi anymore, but “Ate Zi.” 

5. You’re 4 months already? You’ve hidden it well; we couldn’t tell.
LIES! Just kidding. There were areas I’ve had to hide well. The clothes helped. Some people noticed before we announced it.  

6. Have you thought of names?
Yes. Perze and I always have names the first month we find out.  We’ll let you know once we find out the baby’s gender :). 

7. Cravings?
Nothing crazy. Just fruit, crackers w/ cheese, and occasional sweet things like cinnabon and sugared monkey brains. kidding. And Hunger Games. Kate Spade & Louboutins.

8. Do you hope it’s a boy?
Yes. But if it’s not, we know God’s got something up His sleeves and His will is perfect :).  Being a female, I want to raise strong, intelligent, mindful girls, so if it’s 3 for 3, to God be the glory :). But if it’s a boy, I know he’ll have some great shoes to fill and a great mentor as his dad. 

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