week 17

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size of a turnip:

I’ve only gained 2 lbs, but I should be gaining more weight soon because the baby’s size will double this trimester.

Still have some aversions to food.  Last night I was dy heaving so much after seeing the salmon I made from last week & smelling everything in the kitchen.  Wolverine’s weakness.

So far, nothing’s really changed.  I’m still doing the same things I’ve done when I wasn’t pregnant, except of course for the obvious restrictions.  Being a mom of two, I still have so many responsibilities that I can’t say no to, so even when I have a horrible headache, I just chug through it and try to smile every now and then.  And when I’m terribly sleepy or tired, and one of the girls wakes up in the middle of the night, I get up, just a little more slowly now.  Also, even though I’m pregnant, I don’t let it deter my ministries in church.  God has given me more than enough, and has blessed me with more than I can ever attain myself, all by grace, so I don’t serve to make it up to Him…but man, it’s humbling and I love the work of His hands, ministries and baby included, and that’s what keeps me going.  I think preganancy is preparation time for the parents to learn that it’s not about you anymore…but it’s about sacrificing what you’ve grown to think was yours.  God really knows how to use the metaphors from life into the bigger picture, huh?

Anyway, the 4th month visit to my OB/GYN went well, with no complications, as well as all the genetic tests involved around this time.  

Good news is that I can feel the baby’s sudden moments.  That- I love!

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