week 14

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size of a lemon:

Last Saturday, Perze and I both felt baby dragon move for the first time, together!  We were lying down and I was curled next to Perze.  He had his hand under my belly and that morning we felt a big move. 🙂

Thanks for the sweet present, beloved.

Today, I can feel flutters.

Let me explain why we call the baby, ‘baby dragon.’  Since this is the year of the water dragon, we thought it would be cute to give him/her that animal, esp. if it’s a boy.  For some reason, all the young adults in our church have given our family animal titles and vice versa.  Our daughters have given them animal names too.  For example, I started calling Emma ‘monkey’ since birth and ‘kitty’ for Zienne.  So when Gerry Boy moved in, our daughters dubbed him ‘kuya platypus’.  Then he gave us ‘Papa Bear’ and ‘Mama Llama’.  Then the animal game went further when our daughters started naming their kuyas/ates in church.  So, since we found out about Baby, it was very fitting to call him/her a cute baby dragon.

March 2
I’m showing already but with loose clothing, people still haven’t been able to tell…either that or they just think I’m gaining weight and don’t want to ask.

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