by grace our 9th Twelvesixteen

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It’s 9 years since our first Twelvesixteen. 

Today, Perze woke me up and while he was walking towards me, I already knew because I saw a little blue bag.  I already knew, after 9 years of knowing Perze, knowing how he loves me, and how he shows me through his love language in showing love- giving.  Instantly, my heart sunk out of humilty, knowing he spent too much and wondering if I deserved it. {grace}

So after hesitating and telling him that he really didn’t need to buy me a gift, I opened it, becuase I knew how happy it was for him to even get it in my hands. When I opened it, my heart sunk even more out of humility, knowing he spent more than I thought, and wondered if I really deserved it. {grace}

He put it around my neck, smiled, and said “happy twelvesixteen.”  Nine years of “happy twelvesixteen.” Nine years of that smile. Who needs a necklace? He still loves me and chooses me every year, although I never know why. {grace}

I started crying…out loud. I couldn’t help it and told him one day I would be able to give him everything he wanted. But knowing my husband, behind that smile, I knew he wasn’t thinking of anything.  I know how much he loves me, and not just in gifts…you should see what he does for our family.

I made a great investment that first twelvesixteen and the blessings have multiplied exponentially.  Thank you Lord for leading us together.  I love your gift to me.  I am humbled, knowing you gave too much, and I wonder if I deserve it.  

I love you Perze.
Thank you for loving me every day these nine years.
I hope you’ll remember my promise.

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