better to give than to receive

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I found this on my bed this morning…none other but from my beloved Emma, who I believe has an incredible heart for people.

In my life, I’ve met so many people who constantly just want to receive, people who even keep encouragement to themselves, people who hold tight to money that by grace they’ve been blessed with…and only a very small few who naturally LOVE to give. The givers are the ones that teach me about humility, sacrifice, and what it means to be a blessing.

And I’m not talking about someone sharing their large fries over a meal; I’m talking about people I knew who:

  • gave their guitars to young musicians who were just starting to learn
  • used to shake my hand before I left for college and surprisingly slipped a $20 into my hand
  • surprised us with money during Christmas or birthdays during unexpected seasons when we needed a little more than what we had
  • gave up their comforts for a cause
  • funded other’s people’s college education, medical bills, etc.
  • out of their own willing heart, gave a new Coach bag away to someone who’s never owned one before
  • treated our kids to a day of fun and food at Chuckie Cheeses
  • constantly give $$ every time our youth does fundraisers
  • have funded some of our praise team members to attend a huge music conference at no cost
  • buy our kids some of the craziest expensive toys that thrend that year for Christmas
  • gone out of their way to give you gifts even when they themselves don’t own that much
  • always finds things to encourage everyone, which I find, is always needed in ministry and life
  • has the heart to cook and feed our choir, praise team, youth whenever there is a function, meeting, or event at church

I always hope I can follow the footsteps of these people because they have been a blessing to me.  

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