“Mamam! It’s DELETED!”

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My 2 year old (30 months to be exact) comes running up the stairs into my room crying:

Zi: Mamam!!!!
me: what happened zi?
zi: the care-a-bears!!
me: what about the care bears?
zi: mamam, it’s something bad tv downstairs. The care bears deleted.”
me: deleted?!
zi: ya. deleted. can you help me? oh pretty pretty please?
me: what do you mean they got deleted? what does deleted mean?
zi: because it got deleted. it means, GO AWAY!!! Can you help me? It broken! Can you help me? I’m in trouble. 

#LOLS #notlying #wheredoesshelearnthesewords #30months


“Deleted” ?  Really, Zi?  Where do you learn these words?  I don’t even remember using it around you.  You amaze me and entertain me in moments like today.  d

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