Halloween w/ Kiki & Pucca

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I know this post is late, but I wanted to get it in before procrastination has definitely won over my intent to archive family moments that the kids might want to look through when they’re older.

So, Halloween…yeah…crept up like an unknowing snowstorm during a warm October fall.  I was too cheap to buy a costume and too lazy to make costumes, so I decided to be a little crafty and cater to Emma’s costume wish for this year.  She wanted to be Kiki from her favorite show, Fresh Beat Band.  And since Zienne has learned to love Pucca this year, we recycled Emma’s old costume when she was 2 years old.


Emma’s Kiki Costume:

  • cut out pink cardstock paper and decorated our old Guitar Hero guitar. Printed FBB picture & put it on the guitar.  Autographed it with signatures from the band.
  • cut the sleeves from an old pink hoodie and sewed the edges to resemble Kiki’s hoodie vest. 
  • pinned Em’s hair from the back and made faux-bangs to resemble Kiki’s signature hairdid.

Zienne’s Pucca Costume:

  •  took black sweater stockings and made two buns for Pucca’s hair. Added red ribbons.
  • wore red chinese dress that we bought for Emma years ago from H&Mbaby.
  • carried around Garu.

So after Emma’s school parade, we waited for her to get home and we all went out to trick or treat a little earlier than most of the trick or treaters.  We went kid-time since they had school the next day.  Then we stayed home, handed out some candy and had some dinner w/ their cousins and Kuya Platypus.

Overall, we were just happy that Zi was more proactive this year with walking from house to house and saying “trick or treat” and handing her basket to receive some candy.   

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