my two year old teenager

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Our second daughter, Zienne is a very verbose child. At 29 months, she can clearly express what she wants and how she feels, even better than her sister could at that age.

Yesterday was somewhat of a milestone. After we came back home from trick or treating, Zienne was very proud of her loot and just wanted to enjoy it so she had a couple of candy bars and then some.

Right after dinner, she asked for more candy, and that request was promptly declined due to the amount that she’s already consumed. This girl went into pout mode, mumbling something which eventually got louder up to the point where you can hear … “You don’t love me anymore”. My wife and I quizzically looked at each other and started laughing. Where does she get these things?

Seriously, where does she get these things from? Because we don’t know. Crazy teenagers.

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