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Today, my daughter was so ecstatic going inside the house.  So once she took off her coat, bookbag, and shoes, she screamed out, “I’m in i level!”  

Now, in the beginning of the year, she started in the e reading level.  Reading didn’t come as easy to Emma, although she’s in the level where she should be at her age.  We just hoped it came naturally, but it didn’t.  She really worked for it, and because of this, we are incredibly proud of her.

From E to I.  

So, she called Perze on the phone and gave him the great news. I heard him say, “I’m so proud of you.  Because of that, let’s go get you that doll you wanted.”  I saw Emma raise both her hands to the sky, break out in tears, and said, “this is so amazing.”

We’re so amazed and very proud with this accomplishment because we know what it took to get here. She asked me, “am I lucky?”  I replied, “no. You worked hard for this and you deserve it.  It’s not luck, it’s hard work.”

Thank you Lord.  Continue to encourage her and bless the work of her hands.

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