girls with glasses

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i absolutely heart fashion…i love beautiful things, colorful things, vintage things, things through the different eras and relating them to today.  I admit, I have an old soul.  This goes for my fashion & music.  I’m not very keen on excessively tight clothing, Jersey shore style, club clothes.  I love very Kate Spade, your grandmother’s closet (pre-grandchildren years), mod and and audrey. 

I found a website with two ladies who share my love of these things- fashion, music, AND glasses!  If they would, I wish they’d make me the third musketeer…although the shortest one. I mean, everyone needs an Asian to finish the equation!

What I love most about these two is their authentic love for things of the past.  They’re not just posers who try to be in trend for the sake of looking “vintage”, it’s embedded in their character, nature, and music.

so, presenting:

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