and the sister teasing starts

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Out of the blue, while I was spending time with the girls, Zienne blurts out “Ate loves Jon Jon”!

It went something like this:

While I was spending time with the girls, playing and talking in my room, the girls started laughing over silly stuff. Then out of the blue, Zienne blurts out, “Ate loves JonJon” and laughs! I look over to Emma who shyly starts to snicker. Emma denies and promises that she never told Zienne.

Zi:  Ate loves Jon jon!  *snickers and laughs*
Me: Ate, we’re best friends, we have no secrets.
Emma:  I don’t have any secrets.  I never told Zi.
Me:  Ate, please, I won’t get mad.  Where else would she hear that?
Emma:  I don’t know, she made it up herself.  I don’t know why she brought it up.
Me:  Zi, where did you hear that?
Zi:  Ate told me.
Me:  Ate…
Emma:  Really mamam.  I promise, I don’t know why she said that.

I looked over to my 2 yr.old Zienne and wondered if she could really be that manipulative to come up with something that she knows could tease her older sister.

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