spoiled part 2: for the clean freak

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2nd gift perze gave me for my birthday.  Yes, I’m a clean freak.  I’m not the cleanest person, but I do need to clean.  And this has become my best friend.  I’m not kidding. I LOVE how it handles.


I love you perze for supporting this odd side of me. You know how this would make a sadistic heart melt.

old vacuum new dyson
takes 2 arms to push only one hand, so light to push
lift up to turn so easy to manuever because of the ball
can’t even pick up hair picks up hair and even pills that stick to carpet
suctions sucks! suction is incredibly strong, even on our shag carpet
ugly, takes up so much space sexy, extremely space efficient
weighs like a huge plumber who hasn’t dieted since the 70’s light, can carry it with one hand, other hand carrying a baby
annoyingly loud for something that doesn’t pick up anything not as loud, and takes half the time to vacuum a room
i want to beat it up & make fun of its mama every time i use it i want to give it a name and let it adopt our family name



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