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So…Perze knows I’ve been wanting a Videoke since 2007 when we last visited the Philippines.  This year, for my birthday, he told me he was going with his brother to go exchange money.  After being away for almost two hours, I already had a feeling that he was being tricky and buying me something for my birthday.  He’s always like that every time he wants to buy me a gift.  He says he has to go somewhere, when all the while, he’s scrambling for a present he has on his mind. 

This year, he came back with a huge bag and inside, yep, a VIDEOKE!  Yay!  I’m so Filipino!  Yay!  Secretly, all I want to do some days is sing into a mic and pretend I can sing.  And now, my secret wish can finally take place in my own living room.

Not only did he get a videoke, he got an expandable one, wireless, and one that comes with 2 mics.  Tons of features, and the sales clerk told us that the mics are replaceable.

And not only did he buy this, but two expandable chips with an extra 600 songs. 🙂

My husband. 

His love language in loving is giving gifts, and although my love language in receiving isn’t gifts, I know that’s his way of showing his love.  Thank you mahal.  You spoil me.

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