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To Everyone who wrote for ‘Dear Emma’

I’M SO OVERWHELMED BY THE LOVE YOU’VE ALL SHOWN MY DAUGHTER. I know writing a letter and mailing it may have been an inconvenience but you’ve really made a little darling girl SOOOO happy every time she got a letter in the mail. It’s little things like this that can make such a huge impact on a little girl and I know she’ll remember it for a very long time, and even more so when she rereads the letters when she’s even a bit older, more understanding and appreciating. 

All I can say is God bless you guys for this small act of love. It definitely went a long way, even with her reading skills.  We’ll try to do it again next year :). Heart you all!

Sweet Mentions and Thank You

Thank you MK Fabila for the postcard,  Also, thank you for the international postcard! Emma says she wants to make a postcard collection which is a keen idea indeed!

Ninong Jacob Christian De Leon for the postcard all the way from Singapore.  Also, thanks for the sri lanka postcard and facts! It’s always good to hear from you since you’re such the jet setter.

Kuya Josiah (Abet Victoria) for the letter from MD!!! She has a smile every time she receives mail.

Thank you ate Dorothy Talampas for the sweet and encouraging card w/ bible verse. She learned how to read all the long words in lamentations.  Thank you also for your 2nd letter! Your encouragement is always appreciated.

Thank you to ninong Bernard Castillo II & Tita Ky for the sweet card with all the memories and facts emma learned about the Virgin Islands. 

Thank you to ate Turtle Manaytay who wrote a long letter about families, the 1 timothy bible verse, and that AWESOME facts about outer space. She even quizzed Emma. 😉 Ate M., just letting you know that emma knew all the answers! That was awesome.  

Thank you to her ever loving Tatay (Perze) who sent her some facts about New York, one of her favorite places to visit.

Thank you Tita June Faith for the sweet card! she read it with ease!

Thank you Ate Genesis Guevarra for the sweet bday gifts and the sweet card. Emma learned that you were there just days after she was born in the hospital. Thanks for encouraging her reading w/ the card and books!

thank you to Hongs Stephanie Ng who sent Emma a postcard from Canada! She’s proud of his determination to write a postcard. 

thank you to MariaGrace Seggay for the sweet letter! All you do for the two girls are so humbling and we really appreciate everything!

Thanks to Ruth Fabila & Toribio Gelito Fabila for the sweet card. These are the letters I know she will keep forever. She promises to write back.

Thank you to kuya miggy (CliffJohann Carino) for the well written letter and memory verse. She’s gonna write back fo sho.

Thank you to tito Dean Guevara & tita Flora Guevara for the sweet postcard all the way from la cote d’azur! C’est une geste doux. Is that correct? hahah

Thank you to tita Jen OConnor. Your LOVELY stationary had us at hello! I am an incredible fan of Alice In Wonderland and the riddle had us all stomped. But I have 2 guesses. Do you have the answer?!

thank you Aia Marie Nable for the long yet encouraging letter Emma received. She smiled and felt very loved indeed. I’m sure that letter will be dug up in the future and be more appreciated as years go by.  

Thank you Ces Malonzo for the ditigal letter and poem.  We appreciate the sentiment.

thanks Dorothy Talampas for the 3rd installment of your letters! She still remembers the picture she drew you 🙂

thanks MrsLeon Kidlat and Leon Kidlat for the philippines postcard! I love that she can tell the country just by looking at the islands :).

thank you Gabby via Zeah Estrada for the incredible and well written letter!! She has beautiful penmanship. Emma’s excited to become penpals. Her response letter is coming soon!.  Also, thanks Gabby for the 2nd well written letter! Emma was so excited to hear back from her. She feels a connection with her since they’re going through similar experiences.

thanks Chermaine Quinio Jamilano for the long letter. She learned a very important lesson on being thankful despite disappointments. We heart you Cherms!

thank you Ninang Michelle Valdez for the museum postcard!! I asked her why she though it might have reminded you of her and she smiled and said it was because she liked to play dress up. Truly enough, it does remind us of her as well!!

thank you so much ate Melizza Joy Khan for the sweet letter and gift!! she was so excited to open it, and now it’s with her as she’s sleeping.

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