day 4: jollibee is no joke…

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Most children’s parties in the US lack the entertainment that both grab the attention of the children AND the parents. Well, (WELL!) … Emma, Zi, and Isabel (their cousin from the Ababa side) had no such party.  They had Jollibee. Jollibee has a DJ. Yes, the children danced to really tribal inducing tunes, tunes that lingered days after the party, even unwillingly. Jollibee was no joke.  When he came into the room to greet the girls who had their eyes tightly shut, they screamed and smiled in delight.  Normal bees don’t get this type of attention. But Jollibee, oh no…he’s quite different. He’s got moves that would make a Lola blush AND her teenage granddaughter. Not only did he dance with Emma, Zi, and Isabel, he danced with Tito Benex, Isa’s yaya, and Lolo & Lola. Zienne was so amazed he came to her party, live, in person.  So much, that she kissed him several times, hugged him, danced, laughed, talked, and confirmed their friendship by saying, “see you tomorrow!”  Did I mention she was sick with a cold during her party?  It was unapparent when Jollibee was in the room. She was in such elation, she even ate so much Jollibee Chicken Joy w/ rice.  Ate also had her share of fun when she participated in the games with her other distant cousins.  Didn’t skimp on prizes, that bee.  Bravo to the whole team!


Thank you Nanay and Tatay for the joy our girls and Isabel had during their party.  This is one they’ll remember for a very long time, and a recorded memory to keep on replay.  It was even quite an experience for Perze and I, being novices to the Jollibee celebrations. 


And a sweet appreciation to Tita Zen, who lovingly toiled over their custom cakes!  They were so beautiful, too loved to even eat.

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