firsts: blogging up up up in the air

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my, things have changed since 2007.  

guess where i am now. just guess.  if you’ve travelled within the last 2 years, you’d probably think it was no big deal, but oh it is! It is!

i’m in the air.

yes. This is my first time blogging thousands of feet up in the air. No, not in a hot air balloon.  Not on the wicked witch of the east’s flying monkey. Inside an airplane. When did this happen- free wi-fi?  

I was even able to let my family know that I’m doing ok, that the kids are well and sleeping, on Facebook.  Has it blown your mind yet or am I over obsessing over a molehill?

Anyway, we’ve been in the air for only about 30 mins. and Emma asks, “are we in the Philippines yet?”  Only in the movies, my love.  However, Zienne is fast asleep.  I found out something about my little diva.  If you prepare her before doing something, she’s more likely to comply than when you surprise her with it in that moment you need her to do something.  To my surprised, she let me put earplugs in her ears because on the drive to the airport, I had explained to her the importance of it.  This girl’s a thinker, either that or a planner.  Either way, note to self:

  • talk to her first and explain what’s gonna go down

Ok. My first air blogging’s done.  

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