Learn Something New Everyday: Mandrake Root

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I was looking for titles that would best suit a blog and considered, “my mandrake root” because of an old John Donne poem I learned when I was 24. Don’t ask me why; my reasons are convoluted. 


Today I learned that the mandrake root (mandragora) has some hallucinogen properties and are typically known for:

  • being used in magic spells
  • can resemble human parts
  • thought to have chemical properties to make a woman more fertile to bear children
  • was used as an allusion in ‘Harry Potter’ (screaming mandrakes, whose scream noone can bear, to cure petrification)
  • mentioned in the OT when Rachel asked Leah for mandrakes in exchange for a night with Jacob.
  • referred to in the OT as a ‘love plant’

Crazy, ya?

So there you have it.  And it’s pretty self explanatory that I didn’t want to name a blog site after a hallucinogenic and fertility inducer. 

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