Emma’s Summer Ballet Class

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My daughter has finished her first summer of ballet.  

I’m really proud of her, and she loved it so much that she’s officially a matriculated student in the school for Children’s Ballet 2.  And yes, that’s a fancy way to say we got suckered into the payments.  Well, we decided if she’s going to get her foot in the door, it would be a school that we could see her attending with longevity, and we have no doubt that Princeton Ballet School will help her start correctly.  I think, in the long run, it would benefit her self discipline and confidence.

Every lesson, Zi would end up entertaining the parents outside the practice room by singing and talking garrulously.  Then at the end, Emma would always take Zi’s hand and say hi to her teacher.  Emma is so proud of both her sister and her teacher that they two must meet for weekly reintroductions.  Zi, in turn, benefits from these meetings because she also gets to choose a sticker that all the other little ballerinas get after class. So, here are my two little ballerinas with Miss Erika at the last summer ballet class:

Ok. We’ll see everyone in the fall.  Hope you’re ready for a little Filipina ballerina!
(I’ll keep everyone updated on her progress)

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