Quilted Pastiche Maxi

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This store’s pretty generous to the tall females, let’s face it. Am I right? This dress is a miracle for people like me, 5’2. I can actually wear flats in it and won’t look like I got swallowed by the dress. I can wear wedges and makes the dress even better because it makes me look leaner.

The material is incredibly feminine, flowy, that just moves when you move. It’s a perfect summer dress with a built in slip, so it’s not see through, but thin enough that you won’t feel yourself sweating in it. Also, I found that it doesn’t wrinkle easily, which is great for those vacations and long hours of sitting. I feel so feminine in this dress…even moreso when there’s a flirty breeze in the air

The color is better than the description because the gray looks a little more like a muted slate blue, contrasting well with the bright yellow

I’m a Dcup, so the top actually fits great on me, although, to be more modest, I wear a tube cami underneath. The BEST BEST part is that this dress comes with optional straps! YES! so for those who will be dancing away in this dress, add the straps for added security. The straps are adjustable, thus allowing you to control how far up or down the top is on your body type. LOVE that.

The back is also stretchy, thus allowing you to get into the dress easily. Believe me, I haven’t had any problems.

If you’re on the fence with this dress, jump over to the side that gets you to hand your card to the cashier . This dress gets compliments every time.

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