Zienne at 2yrs.2months

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I haven’t been blogging, and if I had, it was always about your Ate.  I didn’t forget about you.  It’s just that your Ate is so busy with things this summer, firsts that I know she’ll remember throughout her life, like ballet and reading, graduating kinder, and trying to sustain an ant farm that dies after 24 hours.

But you.  Never in the sidelines, little one.  You are your own spirit, one that commands attention.  You have determination like no other baby I’ve known, not even your Ate.  Your Ate would get discouraged and frustrated, when you would always demand, “I do it!”  And usually, you do.  The force is strong in you little one. You can speak in sentences, very fluent with your thoughts and emotions.  You even know how to manipulate your mom when you’re in trouble; you grab my face with both your hands and say, “I love you, mama.  Happy?  I soweee (sorry), mama.  I love you soooooo much!”  

You’re also so aware of where your sister is.  When you were younger, you wouldn’t mind if your sister was absent from your side, but now, you feel so empty without her. She’s your best frenemy, the one who teaches you how to tell jokes, how to show anger, what hobbies are available to you, which toys are the funnest to play with, and which are the coolest dance moves in 2011.  She’s taught you how to “kick your boyfriend out of town” and how to “chinese checkers, ooops I’m sorry, you better be sorry, cuz I’m not sorry.”  Although you can really stand your own person, you are very dependent on your Ate. Say thank you to her, Zi…she really loves you and takes such good care of you.  You’re so blessed to have her as your Ate.

So here’s a list of what you can do at 2yrs.2months:

  • sing your ABC’s
  • say and point out all your shapes
  • say and point out all your colors
  • speak in sentences
  • can say over 200 words 
  • say your full name- first, middle, mom’s maiden name, last
  • say your mom’s, dad’s, and sister’s full names
  • communicate your need for a diaper change by saying “I poopooed. I peepeed” “change me”
  • communicates what song she wants to hear or sing
  • eat with a spoon
  • drink with a cup, sippy cup, water bottle
  • walk up and down the stairs
  • jump off the couch to the floor
  • tumble
  • sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baby, Read the Bible, This Little Light of Mine, Happy birthday, I Love You, Twinkle Twinkle
  • count to 13
  • draw circle and lines upon request
  • pray on your own
  • knows everyone’s names (family, extended family, cousins, her Ates and Kuyas in church, Titos & Titas in church, cartoon characters)
  • can carry a conversation (has great comprehension)
  • ride toddler rollerskates
  • uses the iPhone
  • can successfully complete a matching game consisting of 20 cards under 5 minutes
  • knows how to and when to say “thank you” “welcome” “bless you” “excuse me” “i love you” “i’m sorry” “it’s ok”
  • expresses anger by saying “I’m mad”
  • learning how to not be so selfcentric.  Observes people and says, “what’s wrong?” “don’t cry”

zienne at 2years

Zienne, we are constantly amazed by you.  And not just your family, but people who come in contact with you, even strangers who happen to hear you so garralous and pleasant in conversation.  You have such self awareness, which sometimes comes off as stubborn, but it’s because you really know what you want, spefically, and you react with such a huge range of ways and emotions, not just babyish tantrums.  

So here’s you in a nutshell. If you happen to read this, know how amazing you are and how much of a pleasure it is, how much fun it is to raise you at this age. Love you, sweetheart! 

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