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Six year old Emma is so different from five year old Emma.

Five year old Emma was filled with so many fears, fears that made her cry, made her silent, made her hesitant, made her shy.  But she learned how to ride the bus alone, how to manuever the veins of her school, how to make comfortable conversations with her peers, create friendships without a motherly manual, strive to overcome scholastic difficulties.  

And now she’s six and I can honestly say how proud I am of the myriad accomplishments achieved in one year.  By God’s grace, He’s helped her to become more confident, self sufficient, and more independent. At the moments when she felt she couldn’t do it, I’m sure God whispered to her and pushed her soul to be braver.  She knows the verse, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” by heart. I doubt she’s quoted it during those specific moments, but I believe God is showing her the truth in His Word.

And now she’s six and she’s not so scared of the “difficult.”  She doesn’t get easily overwhelmed or complain too quickly about a task.  She buckles up and takes small steps.  I love that she’s trying to take initiative.  She tries to read more independently, writes letters/notes by herself, wants to take up new hobbies that are physically unfamiliar. This is my growing daughter and I’m so proud of her.

My five year old Emma sang a solo for special number in church, in front of a staring audience.  She’s patiently enduring piano lessons, singing sessions, and reading every day to strengthen her skills.

And my five year old Emma that turned six was Zienne’s biggest teacher and best friend.  I catch Emma teaching Zi the alphabet, rhymes, songs, and funny phrases.  Because of Emma, Zienne can tell a successful knock knock joke, play a hand game, use a pencil to draw shapes and jellyfish families, rollerskate, and have conversations using full sentences, etc.  

This is my beloved Emma. One thing that hasn’t changed ever since infancy- her heart.  She’s still emotional, faithful, loving, and sentimental.  That, I hope six year old Emma will continue to keep.


I love you Emmanuelle.  I hope you had a great birthday celebration in school and in Sesame Place.  I know you’ve been planning it since January, so I hope it has fulfilled all your expectations.  On your birthday, your Tatay and I read you your birth life verses that morning, to start your day in praising the One who authored all that you are. We love you, anak.  We’re so excited to see what this year has in store for you.


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