opinions on weird shoes needed

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 Help a sister out and let me know which ones to get.  Comment me below:

<em>Vibram</em> FiveFingers Sprint Pink <em>Gray women</em><em>Vibram</em> FiveFingers TrekSport Multisport Shoes - <em>Women's</em>, BLUE/<em>GRAY</em>, 38 

<em>VIBRAM</em> FIVEFINGERS <em>Women's</em> Sprint, Fuchsia <em>Vibram</em> Fivefingers <em>Women's</em> Treksport Black-Charcoal 

You ask me why I want these shoes?  One, I’ve tried them on; they’re supah comfortable, without all the bulk that sneakers bring. Also, they’re great on land as well as in the water.  I’ve found these to be needed when I have kids who always want to dip their feet in water during some summer activity.  They dry quickly and are meant for sporty function.  Plus, they rate a 9 on the weird creepy factor.  What else?



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