emma’s 1st ballet lesson

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Emma started her ballet lessons yesterday.

I had a little talk with her before her lesson, explaining that I wanted her to be herself, unique and special, not needing to look at all the other kids and conform to the norm.  I just advised her to listen to her instructor and be herself.  I also reminded her to smile and enjoy without having to feel scared, to speak up and be courageous to raise her hand if her teacher needed a volunteer.

These were the things I equipped her with, I guess things moms say.  I never really thought of telling her to be graceful, or to tip toe.  I guess as my child, I just wanted her to have a voice, to make a connection with her teacher and the other kids without having to compromise her individuality.  I was never that conscious enough when I was her age.  

After her lesson, she ran out of the room, smiling from ear to ear, then grabbing her sister and proudly introducing her to her teacher.  Miss Erika then made proper introductions and Emma said, “thank you for my ballet lesson.”  As she pranced out the building, I believe happy thoughts lingered in her head with fresh memories of dancing to the music, because she mentioned, “mamam, I really can’t wait until next week.”

My little ballerina.

ps. Zienne entertained all the rubbernecking parents by saying, “i dance ballet too! I dance ballet too” then does bends, twirls, and poses.  A mom even asked me how old she was because of her incessant talking and brave interaction.

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