Emma’s Summer Schedule

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So Emma is finally a Kindergarten graduate. Yay!

We’re really proud of her. Her last report card showed that she exceeded expectations on most of the requirements.  In my day, that would resemble getting an “E” for excellent rather than the average “S” for satisfactory.  Even in reading, she received “ES” despite being in the E reading level. She’s not the strongest reader, but I’m more than proud of her for overcoming the difficulty.  She really read every day to practice what doesn’t come naturally to her. I’m proud that she could spend a long time drilling it out until she’s successfully finished a very long book.  It teaches her more than just knowing how to read, but also perseverance, concentration, and focus.  Being proficient in reading will eventually be second nature to her; those other traits will be harder to master.

Don’t get me wrong, level E reader isn’t a bad level…haha. This is like reading books like “Miss Nelson’s Missing.”  It’s steps above Dr.Seuss books and Amelia Bedelia books.  I think we want her to reach more.  But she’s given her best and seeing what she’s accomplished since her first day in Kindergarten to now is more than ample acheivement.  She even writes of little notes and stories all by herself, cards with letters to her dad, sister, and me.

Now that school’s out, here’s her new schedule:

Monday: Voice training (not really lessons, just voice exercises on the piano, practicing songs, reading notes etc.)
Tuesday: Piano lessons
Wednesday: Ballet
Thursday: Reading & Math 

I’ll update on her progress, maybe even include some videos.

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