My Kindergarten Graduate: The World Is A Rainbow

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We’re so proud of Emma, not just for graduating Kindergarten, but because of getting over so many of her initial fears when her school year started.  Months later, she could proudly join her peers and sing boldly for the audience of strangers and parents.  If you mentioned this to shy little Emma before, she would probably clutch near my side and bury her head in the comfort of my clothes.  But here she is, her distinct voice carrying amidst her classmates’ singing.

Emma’s class singing "The World Is a Rainbow"

We love you Emmanuelle.  You shine so bright in our eyes. You’ve accomplished more than the required academic standards on paper.  In just only 10 months, you’ve become increasingly confident, social, brave, and independent. You’ve also tackled many challenges that didn’t come as easily to you, working diligently to push yourself from your comfort zone.  Your resilience and determination really make me super proud. 

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