and on the 7th year, I do…

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You’ve seen me at my worst and still seen me as the best
And for that I do all over again

You’ve seen me drenched in tears and have shown me there is joy
And for that I do still

You’ve been there when we only had $300 to share, but felt so rich in blessings
And for that I do furthermore

You’ve looked at me every tousled morning and loved every imperfection
And for that I do thankfully

You’ve seen me grow into motherhood, and met me with fatherhood
And for that I do for every tomorrow

You’ve been there through my pride, and met me with white flags and compromises
And for that I do with humility

You’ve loved me for seven years married.
And for every day since, I do.  And I do again.

I love you, Perze A. Ababa.
Happy Sixnineteen Anniversary, mahal.

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