Father’s Day 2011

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Happy Father’s day to my Papa,Toribio Gelito Fabila, a source of unconditional love, laughter, sacrifice, & protection to his kids/grandkids. To my father in law, Perlen Ababa, who is a man of integrity & faith.

Thank you also to these 2 men who have given me one of the best gifts in my life…Perze Ababa, who is also an amazing dad and devoted husband, who gives so much of himself.

I love you!

I also want to say happy father’s day to my brother in law, Sam, who continues to smash the challenges of raising 3 young kids.  You’re a great dad.  To the rest of my friends who are dads/dads to be, enjoy the day, and a cheers to all you do for your kids and family!

To my ever-loving Father in heaven. You are beyond everything I need.  You love like no other, you give like no other, you teach like no other, and you know me like no other. How I love you, Father; "my soul must sing."

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