i go go for man-go

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In flutters w/ my newest nail polish color, inspired by #katespadeny. I found it at the dollar store. Orange mango. My fingers are happy as I type.

I hardly go get my nails painted because to be honest, my nails take a beating every day.  I’m always using wipes, cleaners, scratching things off, washing dishes, strumming the guitar, and everything else that will waste away the polish.  It would just be financially inefficient to get my nails done every week.  I don’t even get to paint them myself.

But today, yes today, I was inspired.  I was also tickled mango when I realized the nail polish color had matched my newly bought champagne mangos that were purchased on the same day.

And yes! Darn it!  I’m blogging insignificantly about a color.  After the heavily laden week last week, I’d prefer not to delve into tough emotions.  I’m probably not ready, or rather not revisit it, so you’re going to have to just waste time reading on a simple indulgence.  At least for just today, ok?

Sometimes, you just need to breathe and let a color make your day.
What color is making your days a little brighter when you see it?

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