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So let’s figure what everyone present has in common:

Guess who found the last one in the area, sale price, her size.
And no, it’s not one of the gossip girls…

[ review ]

1st try on
I was a little hesitant on buying it because I had recently gained weight and I had to swallow my pride and order a size 6.  Thankfully, the zipper closed, my Ds fit, and the hem hit right at my knee.  The good thing is that this dress cinches your waist and flares out at the hips, making the optical illusion that you have a shape, skinnying in on your waist and hiding any flaws in your hips. The spaghetti straps were a little long, thus making a droopy effect on your chest area (for the big busted girls).  The straps hung there like spaghetti (no pun intended).  If you’re going to buy this dress, consider altering the straps.

2nd try on
At home, I tried it on again.  I really needed to address the straps problem so instead of sewing it like I usually do, I did something easier.  I realized that as I was adjusting the straps, I was pinching it at the back tightly near my neck.  So I took the closest scissors and cut the straps at the back and converted the dress into a halter.   BINGO!  It actually made the dress more charming, heightening the neckline and even making it scoop upwards instead of a straight tube neckline.  And the straps are long enough for you to tie into a bow.  Making it a halter really gives you the control you need to adjust how high or low the neckline goes.  It really made the dress 5 stars instead of the initial 4.  I absolutely feel comfortable and feminine in this dress.

if you’re bigger at the chest area, don’t try to fit melons in a sock, size up.  You’ll look better in the dress.  And the myth saying girls with a size C cup or bigger can’t fit into this dress, I say, it would have been better to try to look for options and solve the problem instead of dismissing it.  Go ahead girls…go for the dress. That is, if you could still find your size (up) in your store, because they’re sold out online.

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