Zienne’s 2nd birthday weekend

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"Shoot the Ball!  Shoot the ball!!"
Our beloved Zienne turned 2 on Monday, but we started the celebration on Sunday by taking all the kids out to their first bowling experience.  I found a place that was kid friendly, that offered more than just bowling, but we only chose bowling because we didn’t have the whole day to go through all the attractions.  It was a smart call because their bowling game lasted from 6:30-9pm. 

We didn’t have a large party for Zi because we promised that we would only have the big parties only on their 1st, 3rd, and 5th birthday, as to save money and as not to get them used to having big parties.  The intimate setting of just family really helped us focus on Zienne having fun.  Too many people would have made her a bit cranky at this age.  It was fun seeing the kids enjoy the company of each other.  We were able to teach the kids how to bowl, enjoy being with them and seeing them try a new game. Even till today, Zi boasts of the fun she had bowling.  I’ll ask her if she had a fun birthday and she’ll respond, "ya. Zi Zi, bowl!"  She’ll even randomly come up to me and say, "mamam, c’mon.  Bowl!"

This place was awesome for the kids.  It was as if we had the place to ourselves.  There were 16 bowling lanes, with black light, 3 huge tv screens, pop music in the background, and a cafe just a walk away.  There were couches next to the lanes and picnic tables.  Then there was an arcade and games adjacent to the bowling lanes.  What I loved most was that it wasn’t congested with adults, smoke, and noise.  It was really a comfortable atmosphere, a place we’ll be frequently hitting this summer w/ the kids.

Even Emma was able to beat her dad’s score that night. That’s right, highest score that night. Hongs got ‘most expensive bowler’ having probably cracked their floors.

Birthday Dinner
On Zi’s actual birthday, some of her favorite people came over for a big dinner.  We ordered food and had some of her kuyas and ates come over.  Lola, Tita Kwitie, the Ngs, Tita Michelle & Tito Danny, and Tita Grace were also there to celebrate.  The kids all played outside in the backyard, sliding and enjoying the nice weather before we ate.  Then we prayed for her, ate dinner, had conversation, and then cut her cake.  You should have seen Zi’s smile when everyone sang "happy birthday zi zi."  She’s always sung Happy Birthday for everyone else on their birthday, so it was even better being at the receiving end.  She blew out her 2 candles and was extremely happy with all the attention.  As a bonus, she even ate for me, so much that her tummy bulged out of her tutu. 

People left around 11pm and I hugged Perze, thanking him for all the things we did for Zi’s birthday.  I can surely say that she had so much fun, no crankiness at all, just laughter.

Our Thankfulness
Although we didn’t have a big party for Zi, we REALLY REALLY want to thank everyone for the sweet greetings.  We also thank those who even gave her birthday gifts.  She’s playing with them everyday.  When I ask her who gave her specific presents, she’ll remember and say their names. We’re really humbled with your generosity to her because we know they were gracious gifts. Thank you also to those who wanted to spend time with her on her actual birthday.  You guys are amazing.

Thank you to our families, Mama, kris, Ate T, kuya Sam, hongs, dai, mui.  Even Tatay, Nanay, Papa, toto, zen, milfe, benex, and joshua, and isabel who were not able to be there, your love to Zi means so much more than one day.  Your concern, love, wishes, support, and prayers for her are what shape who she is.  Zienne is so blessed.

Thank you for loving our daughter, for playing with her, for praying for her. Zienne is so loved.

Our Prayer
Thank you for giving Zi to us. We’re always humbled you chose us for her life. She is an enormous joy to us…you know that fully well.  You know how we adore her, how amazing we think she is, how incredibly intelligent she is for her age, how loving she is, how funny and observant she can be.  May her life continue to give you glory.

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