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I finally watched The Social Network with hubkins last night. As they were listing the schools to add to their list of membership, I was waiting for them to say, "and their mamas." Complete fail.

I was also hoping to see Justin Timberlake put "bringing sexy back, because sexy went somewhere and I had to bring it back" as his first status. Still, fail again.

I can usually predict what will happen in the movie. This one thoroughly stumped me.

All in all, it was a good movie, one that I hesitated to watch due to my very buried understated feelings of jealousy that they were able to think of the simple idea, or better yet, simplify many ideas, and implement it, and then grow it until it’s self sufficient.  OK, movie aside, what MZ did, from how he was portrayed in the movie, was conniving and relationships, dispassionate.  I understand the movie isn’t completely accurate in portraying the drama surrounding the lawsuits, but based on the movie alone, I honestly feel he feigned ignorance when he could have shown more responsibility in his personal actions. Sneaky little Zuckerburg. I’m sure one day, he’ll come out with a blue autobiography entitled, "My FACE Book."  (Leave it alone, just let the joke die in peace.)   But wow, the youngest billionaire today because of an idea. AN IDEA!

They said they had a saying in Harvard that they encouraged students to find an exceptional idea instead of finding a job.  Mark Zuckerburn gives merit to this. The movie was that interesting that yes, I did it again…I wikied.

(fr. Wikipedia)  Disputed accuracy

Author Jeff Jarvis, of the forthcoming book Public Parts, interviewed Zuckerberg and believes Sorkin has made too much of the story up. He states, "That’s what the internet is accused of doing, making stuff up, not caring about the facts."[71]

According to David Kirkpatrick, former technology editor at Fortune magazine and author of The Facebook Effect:The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World,(2011),[72] "the film is only "40% true. . . he is not snide and sarcastic in a cruel way, the way Zuckerberg is played in the movie." He says that "a lot of the factual incidents are accurate, but many are distorted and the overall impression is false," and concludes that primarily "his motivations were to try and come up with a new way to share information on the internet."[71]

Although the film portrays Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook in order to elevate his stature after not getting into any of the elite final clubs at Harvard, Zuckerberg himself said he had no interest in joining the final clubs.[2] Kirkpatrick agrees that the impression implied by the film is "false."[71]

Karel Baloun, a former senior engineer at Facebook, notes that the "image of Zuckerberg as a socially inept nerd is overstated . . .It is fiction. . ." He likewise dismisses the film’s assertion that he "would deliberately betray a friend."[71]

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