Congrats to Emma the Peacemaker!

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congratulations Emmanuelle for being chosen this month’s Peacemaker!

Every month, a student is chosen to be the class "peacemaker" (sort of like a kinder’s version of ‘student of the month’).  They exude exemplary behavior and are treated to a peacemaker breakfast and picture taking.  Today is her breakfast, so she pleaded with me if she could wear a dress, so we met in the middle and allowed her to wear a dress that is both pretty and conducive for playing.  She’s been waiting for this breakfast since last month.  Almost distraught, and slightly in tears, she worried that because the breakfast wasn’t weeks ago when they gave her the title, she wasn’t a real peacemaker.  Thankfully, her teacher assured her that they haven’t had the breakfast yet, so she’s been eagerly waiting.

Today’s the day.  Enjoy it our love! You deserve it.  I know how much you care about your classmates and love getting along with everyone.  Congratulations on your achievement.  I know it means a lot to you, and this is one goal that you have gone out to get by yourself.  We’re very proud of you.

ps. it would be great it you could be the peacemaker between you and your little sister…esp. when you two are fighting. I’m willing to negotiate a ‘peacemaker’ breakfast myself.

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