Bunny Ain’t No Spring Chicken

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So today was the first ever trip to see the Easter Bunny!

Although what was forecasted to be a day of thunderstorm, the weather ended up being absolutely beautiful and warm, not even a drizzle.  So I dressed up the girls in my favorite colors this season.  (Thank you Tita Grace for the clothes!)

I explained that I had two surprises for them, and luckily they behaved themselves up until we got to the specific surprise.

The first surprise ended being a little outing for ice cream! I took perze’s advice today, suggesting I take the girls out for ice cream.  And indeed, that was my first choice.  Wherever they went, they turned heads, followed by smiles, coos, from admirers.  Afterward, we finally got their picture taken with a bunny who looked like the flash has aged him tremendously, wearing something unfamiliar to any store surrounding us, and who seemingly had people anxiety.  I almost asked for a different bunny (in another mall).  But since Emma & Zi were already filled with wonder, I couldn’t wouldn’t dare execute judgment in front of them in the form of requesting a rabbit who kept up with hygiene.

Despite an old bunny, bad lighting, poor decorations, and old computer & printer, I was able to fix up the photo I paid $25 for. I paid the fee so Emma and Zi could get up close to the rabbit, sit next to him and have small conversation while looking in wonder the reality of something magical.  Even Zienne got up enough courage to spark her own conversation with the Easter bunny, trying to stall the inevitable leave and goodbyes. 

I love days like this with my girls. I guess it made quite an impression with Zi, because when we got home, she wouldn’t let go of the picture.  She proudly showed it to her dad, introducing the easter bunny over and over again, hoping the wonder was contagious.

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