they had been mine for a day…

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Tonight, my daughters were lulled by Bread’s "Aubrey." 

Did you know that Perze and I almost named Zienne, Aubrey?  We did. Almost.  It was because I loved Audrey Hepburn, and because we loved the song Aubrey.  We thought it would be grand if our daughter had a beautiful song of her name.  And one day, some young man would have enough romantic prowess to sing this song, feeling the same wonder and surrender in her name.

Maybe daughter #3?

I’m blogging this because tonight, Emma asked me if I could replay the song until she fell asleep, and I was more than happy to introduce her to an old song, a song I hope I can pass down to them.  There are just some greatness in the generations past that needs to be carried in the vessels of our children.

Tonight, it’s simple, Bread. One day, they’ll find some peaceful comfort in their melodies and lyrics, and one day, it will connect us in ways unspoken.  Sometimes I wonder how much of me I pass down in them, not physical traits, but some inherent nature that truly links us yet absent from genetic makeup.

Nonetheless, one day these songs will remind them of me.  Or maybe it’ll be me who will be reminded of them, of the memory of tonight when they both fell asleep closely next to me, needing motherly warmth and loving familiarity.  They grow up too fast.  I can never catch up.

I love you Emmanuelle and Zienne. 
Thank you for giving my songs a chance. 
One day, I hope they bring sweet memories.

"And I’d go a thousand times around the world just to say, [they] had been mine for a day…"

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