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amidst ALL the feeds I get in my status mini feeds, I saw this conversation going on…and no one knows it 🙂
like a slow dance gone unnoticed in a boisterous commotion filled room of people.

march 22
him: i might have had you in mine but in yours i was nowhere to be found.

march 23
her: it’s just weird

march 30
her: ?"beautiful, baby you’re sweeter than strawberry pie just like the morning your smile brings the sun that shines"

april 7
him: ?"bad as you are.. you stick around and i just don’t know why.."

april 8
her: ?’if you were the stars then id be the moon a light in the dark my darling for you oh do yo know we belong together?’

april 10
her: ?’are you prepared to take a dive into the deep end of my head, are you listening to a single word I’ve said..ha la la la la listen closer to the words i say’

april 11
him: perfect night to walk with a special someone and get caught in the rain.. NOT in north philly ofcourse.. but somewhere nice with someone special.. #hopelessromantic

april 11
him: some mozart before i goes to bed..

april 11
her: ?’sing me to sleep i’m tired and i want to go to bed’

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