Emma’s Helping Hands

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I really love the times with Emma right before bedtime.  We call it "spending time."  It’s our quality time, when we snuggle up together and explore the crevices of her heart, and I just listen and ask questions.  I know during the rest of the day, it’s usually imperative and declarative statements from me to her, so during "spending time," I try to limit it to Emma’s thoughts and feelings.

Last night, before bedtime, Emma made up songs and poems to share for her cause to help Japan. "Can you help me practice it tomorrow after school, so I can do it in front of everyone?"

My daughter has a huge heart for helping people. She’s always finding causes to help.  This month, she’s collecting for Unicef for the Japan tsunami/earthquake relief.  So if you see her and have any loose change, she’s asking for donations.  She’ll be carrying around a Skyflakes box that says, "For Japan, Love Emma."

Deadline: April 11

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