merona rozella dress

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I saw this pencil style dress yesterday and had to try it on.  It had the look of brocade, with metallic gold and coral tones, perfect for spring parties and dinners.  So here’s my review.  For $40, I think it’s a pretty good buy.  Granted, the material isn’t the best quality, but if you accessorize this, it’ll look beautiful and more than the money you spent. The material is also a little stiff, so the shape pretty much stays this way. 

The Fit:
It’s TTS, and the top comes with an elastic strap in the back to keep the strapless top up just in case you need to do cartwheels.  However, the bottom seems as if it’s too wide and too long, so I’m planning to shorten the bottom and use the extra fabric to make extra frill for the dress to give it more texture…maybe some flowers w/ center pearls.

The best part? Waiting for it to go on sale.
It’ll definitely go down to $20.

If you need a simple dress, this is it. The color and print alone make it charming and subtly alarming.

Merona Rozella Dress
Metallic Gold/Coral
Blossom Print

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