the after effects of her princess room

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Emma has finally graduated from being a co-sleeper to an independent sleeper due to the royal magistrate’s wish of turning her ordinary room into a "princess room."  With the decree issued, I set off to redecorate her room within our non-Pottery-Barn budget.  She did however want a canopy above her bed, as to create a pseudo-tent to sleep and play in. 

Long story short, I set out to Target (plug), and constructed a princess worthy design for her room, reusing all her existing furniture and adding some frill. 

Here’s what I did so far:

If you open the curtains, there’s a small space for the window area where we put her princess kitchen set.  But at night, she closes the curtains so her head and body are inside the little tent.  She even closes it during the day and just sits next to the window.  The wall decals were on clearance for $7, the 2 picture frames $9, and wall paper bins $4 each.  The curtains were the most expensive.  The cupcakes, I had already bought last year at Target for $1 each, which are really little carpet cupcakes.  The tree decal, I put near her table to represent her growth with learning and art because that’s where she studies and draws.

Every princess needs magical creatures and nature, and what better animals than the owl and bird?  However, I do secretly wish they sold a gigantic doe with wide eyes that I could put on the other wall where I’m planning to hang all her princess costumes and tutus.

So far, it’s been successful and she’s slept there independently ever since.  I know how much she’s cherished the season when she had that time and affection falling asleep and sleeping next to me.  I give her incredible amounts of props for sacrificing it.  To be quite honest, I think I miss it more.  There was nothing like the moments before bedtime when we’d just cuddle and talk, just mom and daughter, when I could just hear out her heart a little.

That’s what I miss the most, and the biggest benefit to co-sleeping with your toddler.  There’s nothing like that attention solely on them when you knock on their heart and fingers crossed, they let you in to who they are, little by little, night after night. 

How do you say goodbye to such a ritual? 

Even now, I get a little misty eyed thinking about what I’ve said goodbye to.  I know I try to make it up when we spend some time together just talking or even before bedtime when I tuck her in, but let it be archived that I love those moments knowing she fell asleep in my hug, the big girl version to the moments I carried her to sleep in her infancy. 


I love you princess Emmanuelle. 

I know you don’t want to grow up too fast.  It seems like I push you to grow up and you’re the one reminding me to slow down and embrace who you are right now.  I’ve never been a mom before and I’ve never had a five year old.  Please be patient with me, my love.  -your mamam

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