Live For Jesus: Emma’s 1st special number at church

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I taught this song to Emma when she was first 2 and a half, and it’s been a song she favored singing. It’s a very old song by Evie called "Live for Jesus." The lyrics are very honest, and a challenge to live for something greater despite an honest difficulty.

This year, at five, Emma asked me if she could sing it for special number at our church, so we were more than happy. An added bonus is Zienne still at one year old, who has learned to sing it as well, so you’ll hear her duet with Emma in the chorus. 🙂

This was taken as their last practice before that Sunday. 

I believe every day God is calling us in very ordinary things and not necessarily huge actions like evangelizing to masses of people with this gargantuan testimony, but with things like purity, waiting, tithing, charity, showing up, apologizing to your spouse/parent/child, refraining from gossip, withholding jealousy, being faithful, etc…like braving to share a song.

Living for Jesus is in the everything…

Live For Jesus Lyrics by Evie

Oh, I want to be remembered 
As a girl who sang her songs for Jesus Christ 
Who was willing to lay down her life 
And do His will, no matter what the price 
I am singing for the deaf man 
Who can hear about salvation through my song 
And I’m singing for the blind man 
Who can see the light in me and come along 

Live for Jesus 
That’s what matters 
And when other houses crumble, mine is strong 
Live for Jesus 
That’s what matters 
That you see the light in me and come along 

There are times when I am tempted 
To turn off this rugged road I travel on 
There are times when I say, ‘Jesus, 
Can’t you find another girl to sing your song?’ 
But I know it’s not that I’m the only one 
Who can sing this melody 
He has chosen me to bless me 
And to lead me into what is best for me

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