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Perze and I went to Emma’s 2nd parent/teacher conference. Her teacher’s first words were, "You must be so proud of Emma." I was all in smiles, hearing all great things about her. She mentioned how well Emma gets along with everyone, her independent work ethic, being able to always pay attention and follow rules, and her ability to handle all the math, reading, and spelling work.

I think I smiled the most when I saw her drawings, because I could totally see the imprint of her in all of them. I could see why she drew them, and had a little understanding of what she was thinking. Anything that was breathed from Emma’s creativity always fascinates me.

Bravo, Emmanuelle. All your hard work pays off.  And I know you’ve worked hard to learn how to read, to practice your letter writing.  I’m proud of all your effort. I’m also proud how well you work with others, treating them kindly, and being a pleasure to your teacher, obedient and cooperative.

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